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Alyce’s Sirius Styling
Dog Grooming

Sirius stands for the Dog star, brightest in its constellation. Not cat star, although I do believe there is one of those. I do love cats, too. Miss Pate, grey tiger stripe kitty, lives at Sirius now. She was raised by Lewis and thinks she is a dog. I am a I.P.G. Certified Master Groomer with 28 years experience. 20 years running my own business and training groomers to be Pet Stylists. July 3, 2007 Lewis and I opened Alyce’s Sirius Styling. July 1996 I became co-owner of The Dog House in Cedar Rapids.


Lewis was a big part of daily life at Sirius for 9 years. He interacted with the customers and pets daily. Here is a picture of my grandson Jaden, myself, and Lewis. Even when he was old and in extreme pain he was completely kind and patient with Jaden. He was not raised with kids either, although he always wanted one. His were grown. Here are pictures of our family dogs. Alyce belongs to Nessie the Bedlington Terrier and Sir William the Scottish Terrier. Bryan brought home LeAnndra the Designer Sporting dog. They live with me and are my Grand dogs. My husband Bob’s dog is Oliver  the Miniature Dachshund. He is Lewis’s big brother(older). Don’t let size fool you. Lewis went to work each day. He was happy to be out of the tyranny of the Dachshund who was the pack leader.


We are a family operated, locally owned Pet Styling facility. We also provide Lodging, Pet Supplies, and Precise pet food for our community. I am an International Pet Groomers Certified Master Groomer. Which involved four tests of 100 questions a piece: Sporting , non-sporting, Terriers, and Master Groomer. Followed by a serious grading of my Grooming skills in  Sporting, Non-Sporting, Short Legged, and Long –Legged Terriers. I began my career in 1988 as a pet bather – dryer. Which is how I started Alyce and Bryan in this business. Over a series of years, actually starting when my children were toddlers they came to work with me. By helping me in this way they actually grew up in this field. Filling in for sick or absent employees at my previous store in Cedar Rapids.


My son Bryan has bathed and dried for me since he was a teenager. With 15 years experience on difficult and dominant dogs, he now specializes in large and giant breeds.

My daughter, Alyce, traveled the country assisting one of my customers. She handled and showed Bedlington Terriers. Eventually earning her own show quality Bedlington by the time she was 14. This customer, who has since passed away from cancer, named the store. I had applied with another name, but was declined by the state of Iowa. With only a few hours left  to decide, my friend, Sheila Ness came up with Alyce’s Sirius Styling. She was  into astronomy. She showed me the dog star, in its constellation, as the brightest. And reminded me that when I was grooming on her show dogs, I was really quite serious. Sheila also loaned Sirius the start up capital. We would not be here if not for her support.


I take the care of my clients quite serious. Since they can not speak for themselves we must understand their language. I believe most dogs are misunderstood by their groomers and sometimes their owners. This is why I refer to myself as a Pet Stylist. I am familiar with the breed standards, necessary pet hygiene, training, and basic dog psychology. In no way do I claim to know everything, it is a constant learning process. We quit growing in our field when we start thinking we know everything. I have learned so much in my 50 years from the animals in my life. I have dedicated my life, since I was a child, to the care and healing of animals.


I opened Alyce’s Sirius Styling July 3, 2007 on the 4th birthday of my boxer, Lewis. He had a following of clients that would stop by only to see him and buy him a treat. He worked every day until he just couldn’t do it any more. He started the Daycare and Lodging for all his friends in 2008. Lewis hosted many great slumber parties! He got up to go to work even on his days off. Leaving me in my slumber (his MIP) and taking Bryan, Alyce, or whoever to tend the Lodgers at the shop. His good nature, tolerance of all others, and remarkable obedience assured me that I must be doing something right. He was 13 years old. October 3, 2016, No longer could he walk or eat. We had been carrying him everywhere and hand feeding him. It was his time and Dr. Samuelson put him to rest on my lap. Even on his worst days he would struggle trying to go to the shop and work.


   Now Sirius goes forward with the youth. Alyce is a Grandma! Big Boy Jaden is 2! It is Time to lead the next generation to understand the honor and privilege we serve every day to care for all living creatures.

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