Dogs sized big and small we cater to them all.

Grooming For Your Furry Friends

We take the care of our clients quite seriously. Since they cannot speak for themselves, we do our best to understand their language. All our groomers are familiar with breed standards, necessary pet hygiene, training, and basic dog psychology.

Dog groomer cutting nails on black Labrador retriever dog in grooming salon

Nail Trimming and Filing

We can include clipping of your dog’s toenails during a grooming, but if you only need a toenail clipping, we have a walk-in special for only $10.00.

Female groomer cleaning dog ears

Ear Cleaning and Plucking

Cleaning your dog’s ears can be a challenge for you and your dog. Let us take care of it for you. Your dog will be happy and clean!

Little wet cute and beautiful purebred Yorkshire Terrier dog trying to escape from the bathtub because he don't want to bathing selective focus

Flea and Tick Baths

When those nasty little fleas make their way into your dog’s fur, it can be a hassle to get rid of. Alyce’s Sirius Styling will take care of the bathing for you.

English cocker spaniel dog taking a shower with shampoo, soap and water in a bathtub

Specialty Baths

Like AromaCare oatmeal as well as whitening & brightening – Not only are we capable of giving regular baths to your furry friends, we can give specialty baths to meet the needs of your dog’s special coat.

asian chinese female pet groomer with apron grooming a brown color toy poodle dog

Brushing and Dematting

After our experienced groomers wash and dry your dogs fur we will also make sure they are brushed out. We will make sure your dog is soft and fully brushed through.

Curious staffordshire terrier puppy licks a toothbrush

Teeth Brushing

We understand how important it is for your dog to have clean teeth. We will make sure their teeth are brushed great and will leave them with fresh breath.

hair dryingLittle wet cute and beautiful purebred Yorkshire Terrier dog enjoying in grooming and cleaning after bathing in the pet spa

Hand-Blown Hair Drying & More

Once we get your dog washed we will blow your dog's coat with a high velocity dryer to make the fur softer and fluffier than ever.


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Pet Boarding & Doggy Day Care

While you are away, your fur children will play! At Alyce’s Sirius Styling we offer kenneling for your furry friends. They get to have all the play time and run time they need, while getting the best care by our professional staff.

We employ a fun group of animal lovers who are well experienced to take care of your fur-babies. We are family owned and operated and take care of your pets the same way we would take care of our own, we’ll feed your dog high-quality foods twice per day or you can supply your own.

dogs together

Pet boarding is only $25 per day, or we offer canine day care for morning or afternoon starting at $12.50 per day.

*We require that your pet is up to date with their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccines and have a negative stool.

Our lodging area comes with many amenities you and your dog will love!

Spacious 5x10 indoor runs

Fully heated and air conditioned

Air filtration system

Sparkling clean facilities

Walks three times a day

Feeding two times per day

Medications & specialized care distributed as needed


While You're Away

Leave your pet in good hands! Call us today with questions about our lodging options.

While you are on vacation, so are your pets! Schedule an appointment to get groomed while they enjoy the stay!

holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane or plane at the gate, luggage or bag to the side